This year, 2020, feels more like a fresh start than most. Not only is it a new year and new decade, but it also sees me fully entering my 30s and my freelance lifestyle. One I’ve been trying to get back to ever since I went full time at MATCHESFASHION.COM many years ago. And what I’m manifesting most: the freedom and ability to travel…

Escapism is a concept I’m well versed in. Considering I live a fully-fledged modern millennial existence and happen to have a British passport that allows me to travel freely to most countries around the world. And so, here are my #TRAVELGOALS for the years ahead.


Photography: courtesy of Villa Kuro
This summer, I plan to leave one desert and head to another. I will travel and work between the city of Los Angeles and Palm Springs. Pictured above is Villa Kuro; a minimalist hideaway in California’s Joshua Tree National Park.

I’ll Airbnb a studio space in West Hollywood, rent a car and drive to Venice Beach, maybe even Las Vegas to live out my Fear and Loathing day dream. Visit old friends that made the journey west from the East Coast, and make new friends along the way, all the while connecting with my inner zen and yogi disposition.


Photography: Yongjoon Choi
Some freelance consultants prefer to work in communal spaces. And yes, that has its perks, and I’m not adversed to the idea, however, I prefer to spend my days in cafes, giving myself anxiety from all the black americanos.

Perhaps late this year, although most likely next, I plan to spend two weeks working from the ultra-minimalist coffee destinations of Seoul, South Korea. Above is the triangular cafe, Felt Coffee, found inside Juun J’s flagship store – it’s geometric and all-black. Need I say more.


Photography: Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen + Noah Sheldon
Most likely during the Holy Month of Ramadan, I plan to finally take myself to Sri Lanka. Living in the Middle East may have its frustrations, but one of the advantages is being closer to heavenly spaces such as this: the Norm Architects and AIM Architecture-designed K-House in Kottegoda. Here, I will disable my phone and write. Creatively, as well as work on new projects I hope to close soon.

Of course, I’ll also spend a few days in Colombo, visit an Elephant Sanctuary, and meditate in the jungle.


Photography: courtesy of Stamba Hotel
Last year for my birthday, me and my girlfriends met in Beirut. This year, I plan to discover the Georgian capital Tbilisi. It’s not too far from Dubai, cheap as chips, and has an underground techno scene to rival Berlin. SOLD.

Above is the lust-worthy Stamba Hotel. Housed in an former Soviet publishing house, it combines industrial 1930s nostalgia with contemporary concepts.


Photography: Fernando Guerra
Having lived in Dubai for over three years now, I’ve still yet to staycation. I guess it comes down to the fact that I’d rather travel abroad than pay out my arse to stay in an out-dated resort filled with drunken Brits. Then along came the Al Faya Lodge and Spa.

This mastery in minimalist architecture sits at the foot of the UAE’s Mount Alvaah in the Sharjah desert, and was originally a clinic and grocery store, constructed in the 1960s. In opposition to those aforementioned hotels, this Brutalist construction only has five rooms. Ideal.