The change of season calls for more than just a sartorial switch. It’s time to rethink, rehash and return to products that will prepare your locks for warmer climes. When the sun starts to shine, and I am no longer tucking my hair into roll-neck sweaters, that’s when I tend to remember that they also make products for hair.

My hair can be rather lacklustre, fine and flat, and often needing a little help in the volume department, so wearing it curly come summer, is the easiest option.

Below is a list of those I’m investing in this season. These will aid you in tackling those beach-worthy curls, adding height, and then also something just for pure luxury.

Byredo Hair Perfume in Blanche (£40)

Herbivore Botanicals Sea Mist Texturizing Salt Spray ($20)

Sachajuan Volume Shampoo (£18)

Sachajuan Volume Conditioner (£20)