The other day I posted on my Instagram about Mental Health Awareness Week. The picture showcased a vast deep-blue ocean, and slippery greyscale rocks surrounding it, while the caption prompted people to check in with their girl, their guy and their family: “the struggle is seriously real RN.” I garnered the fewest likes I’ve had recently.

OK, so the image isn’t the most enticing, and I don’t have the most engaged followers or a high follower count, but it made me think that there is still a huge way to go when it comes to mental health. The stigma is still high, and people still seem reluctant to even talk about their struggles. Even now, when anxiety is rife during this global pandemic. People who have never suffered before, find themselves anxious, and so now is the time to reach out to those who already have the experience and knowledge of dealing on the daily.

I’m someone that speaks openly about my mental health. I hid it during my teens, but once I hit my twenties, I stopped hiding, and found that the more I opened up, the more those around me did so too. We all have bad days. Granted: we are all human, and that’s a part of life. But when that struggle is taking over your life, when things become unmanageable, when the bad days become weeks, months, or even years, that’s when help is truly needed. No one needs to suffer alone.

I follow a few groups on Instagram that look to bring people together. Promote connectivity, and make you feel less alone in times of need and crisis. Whatever issue you’re dealing with, someone else is feeling it too. Reach out.


Abby James launches THE TIREDGIRL SOCIETY to help women living with chronic illness and mental health to reconnect with themselves through community, coaching, and creativity. It’s designed to be a space for women to meet online, and find solace from the isolation of living with these illnesses.

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Founded by Elyse Fox, the @SADGRILSCLUB is an online community for Gen Z and millennials with mental health issues, driven by WOC since 2017. The Instagram Activist set out to smashing the stigma on depression, wanting to change the narrative of a picture-perfect life, and has since created a safe space for people of all ages, ethnicities and gender identities to open a dialogue on all mental illnesses.

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Launched by Millie Gooch who set out to change the way people think about NOT drinking, SOBER GIRL SOCIETY is a sober and sober-curious space for womxn who are changing their relationship with alcohol.

Addiction is yet another mental health illness and disease, one that can be overlooked and sometimes, even looked down on more than other issues such as depression and anxiety. It needn’t be.

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