ilody is the holistic London-based, clean beauty label, founded by Deepika Patel that is rooted in tradition and formed by modernity. The word itself is derived from the Sanskrit for ‘garden of the gods,’ and demonstrates that the brand draws inspiration from Patel’s Indian background, and her inherited knowledge and elements of Ayurveda: “it’s about working with plant-based bio-actives that have been used for centuries but also have scientific, safe, proven and patented actives as part of the formulas.”

The idea for ilody began while Patel was producing fashion shows and beauty campaigns, however, it was based on things that she already showed interest in, “I liked using spices for health, working with oils for my hair and skin, having a passion for ingredients.” It became a very natural progression for Patel to link these elements that were already part of her life and connect them by producing luxury products. “I knew from the beginning that ilody would be about plant actives,” she explains, “blending them into modern formulas, taking parts of my heritage and bringing them up to date.”

Not only does Patel work with plant-based bio-actives that have been used for centuries, they also have scientific, safe, proven and patented actives as part of the formulas, and are also hugely influenced by her career in the fashion industry, in terms of their textures, delivery and packaging. The outcome? Two undeniably sumptuous serums.

Personally, I tend to gravitate to more culturally conscious, clean and green beauty brands, especially now I barely use anything on my skin, so of course, I was drawn to ilody instantly. “I think the very nature of the brand is culturally conscious in its formulations and blends of ingredients, drawing upon the strengths of Eastern cultures,” states Patel, “and, our ethical practises and ethos are found in the packaging where we use glass bottles and sustainable foil printing, as well as working with GF Smith Colorplan paper.” Patel also reminds me that using cleaner skincare should be as important as what we eat, and we’re already making conscious decisions on eating locally, organic, etc. “Like with food,” she goes on, “not only is it better for us and makes us feel good, it’s also better for the world around us. I think clean skincare is the next step along with looking at other products we use, such as the clothes we wear.”

“I launched just prior to the pandemic arriving in the UK,” divulges Patel. “So not particularly great timing, but I’ve already had great feedback, so I’ve been able to slowly build and grow the brand. And on a personal level, I’ve found skincare and routines a treasure of holistic time with myself, taking care of me, finding rituals for massage and cleansing.” She’s right: many rest and reset routines set during quarantine featured skincare heavily, and more and more of us are prioritising our selfcare, which is why Patel believes there is such a high interest in Eastern practices at the moment. “I think this is born out of a need to slow down, find ritual, take a more holistic approach to our general wellbeing,” Patel explains.

Ayurveda’s approach is a holistic methodology to health and wellbeing which is something we can all become more aware of and make part of our daily lives. “I think what makes ilody special is its authenticity,” explains Patel, “it’s authentic connection to culture, sustainability, slow beauty, nature, ritual. These are all factors which have been rooted in the brand from its very beginnings.”

Currently, ilody offers two hero serums – a multi-active boosting pro-collagen serum designed with advanced plant extracts and a multi functional radiance serum, combining patented plant actives, essential nutrients and bio-compatible botanical extracts – both work well for all skin types and leave a lustrous complexion. The plan, however, is to grow the roster to include face oils, cleansers, treatment products and much more. Patel finds herself constantly formulating at home, at the kitchen table, along with researching ingredients and working out how she might use them and what benefits customers can get from them: “formulating is truly one of my favourite parts of running the brand.” Watch this space.

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