Going out to the club may be a distant memory, but that hasn’t stopped the DJs of the world. Many are working harder than ever to keep their vibe alive. Instagram Live, Spotify playlists, and Soundcloud mixes are being produced in abundance. And the most creative and culturally conscious of them have been coming together in collective troves to produce streaming parties and mini digital festivals – in some ways they allow for more freedom, as international DJs can unite and collaborate instantly.

You have CLUB QUARANTAENE in Berlin, which allows you to stream sets by DJs from the German city. And in Dubai, starting today, you have ULTRAVIOLET. Set up by FEMALE FIRST SESSIONS who are bringing together women from the UAE, NYC and beyond for two days of music and talks, with a little bit of fitness and cooking thrown in. If the quarantine continues, I’m sure these kinds of online events and communities will become the norm.

One of the lovely ladies behind FEMALE FIRST SESSIONS, is Meg Quashie aka Megatronic – a fellow London girl out here in Dubai. Meg’s journey with music started back when she was the front woman in an indie electro band called Black Cherry, but when it split after 10 years together, she would sneak into her brother’s room to teach herself how to DJ on his home setup.

Her best gig to date was in Bali for a party called Disco Afrika; “it was just one of those parties when everything was right, the crowd, the drinks, my set, the venue, the sound system, and the visuals. So much fun.” And what about female DJs you respect? They don’t get enough credit… “I love all female DJs, in fact I love DJs. It’s a super hard job that most people think is easy. It also puts a lot of strain on your personal life too, so I have plenty of respect for anyone who chooses to do this job full time…I love working with Natasha Diggs, The Duchess, Tala Mortada, Jamz Supernova, Heidi Lawson, all these ladies have a great attitude towards the business.” And who would you love to work with? “Honey Dijon, Peggy Gou, Blond:ish, TOKiMONSTA …. so many ladies, not enough paper to mention everyone.”

Megs favourite genre to play is house, so I asked her to create something truly funky to get us dancing at home. Set up a Zoom call with your mates and listen below…

Featured image: sequin jacket shot by KEIR HARRIS for ATTUALE.