Growing up in London Town, I have a deep admiration for garage. That late 90s, early 00s vibe instantly takes me back to my teenage, worry-free years. So, it’s understandable that those nostalgic beats get me dancing and act as pure escapism.

Not too long ago, a Dubai-based DJ started to infuse garage into his Friday night roster. DJ Sir Taz is well-known for his old school sets, even though his career began with dancehall and reggae. He remembers there was a London-inspired presence in the clubs back in day, but was too young to see it in action. Now however, it’s the energy he’s drawn to; “whatever mood you’re in, it elevates you. People might not know the track, but they vibe to it … the high-energy BPM gets the heart beating faster.”

“With everything that’s happening [right now], people are looking to DJs to distract them, and uplift their mood,” which is why Taz has taken to Instagram and Mixcloud to produce mixes and play live. He’ll be producing a new mix every other week, and is currently creating a series called BEDSPACE with a lowkey sexy, RnB feel to it. Producing these allows Taz to showcase other sides of his creativity: “people know I play 90s old school, but they don’t know I can play chill out RnB or a hyped hip hop set … or garage.”

Taz isn’t the kind of DJ, let alone person, to jump on a hype, so when asked about how he’s staying connected and creative during these times he states that, “the entertainment industry is all about bringing people together, but you can’t go to a club and have six-feet of space between you – clubs aren’t going to open for a while. So [in response] a lot of brands are hitting up DJs for collaborations.” Which is all well and good, but he states that you have to stay true to your brand. So, what is the Sir Taz brand? “I’m all about the music. Nothing else.”

Listen to Taz’s garage mix below…

Featured image: UK garage scene photographed by EWEN SPENCER