Having moved to the Middle East last year, many things have changed for me. Heading to the beach nearly every weekend is the most prominent. Instead of spending Saturdays in the pub to keep out of the rain, I now don a bikini and oil up. Luckily, I have Greek-girl skin that can withstand the rays.

When it comes to the soundtrack for the day, it needs to reflect the mood. This is something Liudmila Bilea, a Dubai-based DJ, also agrees with. She spins tracks depending on #VIBES, but states hip hop and deep house as her favourite genres, and recently played at a VIP Party at the Autism Rocks Area.

When asked how she got into music, Liudmila replied: “my father was a base guitar player so I grew up around music. And despite my mum’s different opinion, I still felt like I wanted to be involved, so I finished a short course on how to use the equipment and produce, and from there my life changed.” Follow her on INSTAGRAM to see where she’ll be playing next; everywhere from luxury lounges, clubs, and huge concerts opening up for mega stars. This girl definitely does what she loves.

So continuing my MONOTONES series, I asked DJ Liutik to whip up a mix that perfectly accompanies a day spent chilling on the sand with friends…

NB. Featured image features Matteau Swim, available at MATCHESFASHION.COM.