ATTUALE was one of the’s first clients…

We handle the content, working closely with the creative director, Kat Erasin. More than a mastery in modern minimalism, ATTUALE looks to further the conversation on sustainability and environmental ethics in fashion. Together with founder Giuditta Spezzapria, we focus on content that inspires contemporary femmes to reduce, recycle and reuse.

“ATTUALE is a mood. It’s more than a moment. It’s the investment piece that calls to be worn season after season. Never losing its authentic allure. The minimalist low-heel slip-ons that elevate a denim daytime ensemble, as well as effortlessly ground a sumptuously sleek slip dress. ATTUALE is empowered. She’s the culturally conscious and contemporary femme. She’s inspired. She’s intrigued. She’s connected to and interested in the world that surrounds her. She’s passionate. ATTUALE is transparent. It’s considered. It’s a carefully curated edit of brands that carry the same ethos and ethics. It nods towards the sustainability end of the spectrum. It’s natural skincare ingredients. It’s thoughtfully chosen fabrications. It’s attentive. ATTUALE is trendless.”

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