Even though we’re house bound, I’m making a conscious effort to do whatever it takes to stay sane. My nightly ritual goes as follows: reflect on the day and either set intentions for the future or write a gratitude list. To do this, I need to be in the right mood… I burn some Boy Smells Candles, turn the lights low for ambience, and of course, a chill mix.

Mr Shef Codes is one of the DJs who has taken to the industry change with tremendous stride. He’s been producing weekly mixes since quarantine day one, and working with numerous brands such as Harvey Nichols Dubai. He states that having a mini schedule for himself helps him stay sane: “I create, rest, meditate and exercise but also [make sure] not to be hard on myself for not achieving what I have to. Weekly zoom calls and messages with my team also help with productivity.”

Shef has been DJing for many years, and consistently receives nominations for Best DJ in Dubai – the roster of super clubs under his belt certainly help. His favourite gig to date though? “That’s very tough for me mainly because I love my work, but I’d say the smaller parties like WVY or TRAPPED BEASTS are the most fun because I get to explore a different side of my creativity.” That creativity, he describes as “eclectic, diverse but urban focused.”

I called upon Shef to create me something chilled; something perfect for setting that after-dark mood. Listen below…

Featured image: Let’s Talk editorial photographed by LINDSEY LEE.