For many people, books are a form of escapism. Something they read on the morning commute to distract them from the person slowly falling asleep on their shoulder. For others they are a form of #SELFCARE. Something they do while relaxing in a candle-lit bathtub, with the sweet aroma of bath salts for company. For me, they’ve always been a lifeline of sorts. Many have come into my life at a time when I needed those words on the page more than anything else. And in the same way people come into your life for a reason, I sincerely believe books [and authors] do the same.

From a young age I used prose, whether fictional or not, for both the aforementioned purposes. But I also wrote short stories as a way of processing things happening around me: catharsis was a concept I learnt well before I studied psychology at university. However, at times writing creatively, and or reading, wasn’t an activity I had time for. Enter Covid-19.

Book clubs are no new feat. The concept of reading a book, then comparing thoughts with friends afterwards are great for connecting with others. However, in these times of Corona, many more have popped up: we are reviewing new releases, returning to old favourites, and then logging on to Zoom to discuss. REFINERY29 even wrote a How To on launching a book club RN, in case you need some tips on doing so.

I’ve certainly been going through titles faster than I can get new ones delivered, but when I’m looking for inspiration on what to read next, I usually turn to ABIGAIL BERGSTROM on Instagram. Now however, I’m finding recommended readings all over the shop.

Below are some book clubs to inspire and intrigue…


A beautifully curated Instagram account with cult favourites. Launched by Marie von Behrens. FOLLOW HERE.


One of my favourite fashion females, Lou Stoppard, has collaborated with on a live reading from Lisa Taddeo’s bestselling book Three Women [I cannot put it down].

The Zoom event is taking place on Wednesday 13th May at 7pm BST and you’ll get to hear author Lisa read the prologue of her critically acclaimed book, followed by a live Q&A from the audience. INFO HERE.

The Dubai-based talent management agency be sharing a title per month as part of their new book club. FOLLOW HERE.


For books generally written by women and non-binary authors, check out Founder Alisha Ramos #GNI book club. It focuses on mental health, selfcare and mindfulness. INFO HERE.

One of my favourite magazines has collaborated with 4th Estate Books on this mini book club via Instagram. So far they’ve read Trivial Pursuits by Raven Smith [next up on reading list], Kate Elizabeth Russell’s gripping debut book, My Dark Vanessa, and the well-loved Joan Didion’s The White Album. FOLLOW HERE.