Instagram has introduced us to a new kind of celebrity: the influencer. Their sponsored posts litter our feeds, and while some can actually be inspirational, most I find to be shameless and uncreative. But this kind of fame is attractive and has everyone thinking they fit the mould. Someone actually told me recently that kids in high school don’t just want to be popular anymore; they want to be ‘insta-famous.’ LOL.

Some influencers have been known to plug washing powder (seriously guys?!!). Some however, have managed to work with brands while still staying true to their aesthetic. Further few do so while also maintaining a true sense of self and humour.

This series sees me ’20 question’ those out there who don’t sell out. And make sure their personality stays at the forefront. And of course, those who have a sleek sensibility in line with my own take on monochrome/minimalism.

First up, Brenda Hashtag…

Where in the world are you today? Where I’m meant to be: Hamburg, Germany, visiting family.Where I actually am because of endless procrastination and inability to book flights: my house in London.

What are you wearing? Possibly something that I also slept in.

Snog, marry, avoid: Raf Simons, Phoebe Philo, Kanye West? That’s a hard one. It’s a pretty unpopular opinion but I actually love Kanye, his live performances are some of my favourite memories of all time – but for this question, I think I’d avoid him. I would definitely want to hang out with Raf every day so probably marry him. Snogging phoebe sounds a bit weird but if she’s down, I’m down. I also want to ask her about how she finally gave into the Instagram pressure for Céline to have an official account, after years of being against it.

Kale or spinach? I appreciate all my greens equally and don’t discriminate.

If you were locked in a room with Choupette for an hour, what you do? Fucking terrified of cats, and they can tell that I’m scared and use it to their advantage. Would try and not have any eye contact and pretend she isn’t there. Choupette is a girl, right?

What was the last thing you bought? Toothpaste. If you’re talking fashion, the last thing I bought was a little vintage Chanel cardholder from eBay.

If your #OOTD could talk, what would it say?  Please wash me.

Favourite place to go shopping?  Not one specific store, but I absolutely love thrifting; digging through tons of crap to find that one perfect 90s silk blouse… getting chills just thinking about it haha. I could talk about my passion for thrifting forever. But other than that I don’t really go to physical retail stores, pretty much everything is online. I do love to browse through concept stores like Dover Street Market etc for interior and merchandise inspiration (rarely to buy anything though because who can even afford stuff there).

Describe your style in three words… Very easy: 1. black 2. and 3. white.

Who is your spirit animal? Any drunk girl in the women’s bathroom telling other girls that they’re pretty and that she loooooves their outfits.

If Alexander Wang asked you to take him out to party, where would you take him?  Take him to his own after show party obviously! One of my favourite memories… New York Fashion Week SS16, where he had his party in a car park in the Lower East Side; drag queens dancing to techno music on race cars – he knows how to have a good time.

What’s that one thing you didn’t buy way back when that you still think about today?  Still upset that my parents wouldn’t buy me the low cut, flared Miss Sixty jeans with the zipper in the back when I was 13.

Old fashioned or Cosmo?  Why not both?

If you were a shoe, what silhouette would you be? I would like to think that I’m the pointy kitten heel from Dior SS07, but realistically I’m the white slipper that I stole from the last hotel I stayed in.

Biggest fashion movie inspiration of your teens? Definitely the movie thirteen.

One ugly fashion trend you secretly want to bring back? Random Chinese symbol tattoos. I don’t have any but that’s the first thing that I would get. Maybe it will just say “tofu” or something.

Nike or adidas?I’m German so adidas all the way.

Does shopping count as cardio? Since I don’t really leave my bed when I shop, sadly, no. Actually… when I find the perfect vintage sunnies on eBay, it does get my heart rate up a tiny bit so maybe yeah.

What’s the piece hanging in your wardrobe you’ve not worn yet?Any type of beautiful high heel. I have so many stunning heels but I’m just not the heel type.

Does money talk? I actually got a text from my bank yesterday to confirm a €200 purchase on beauty products because they were worried that this wasn’t actually me and someone stole my credit card info. So yeah, my money is definitely trying to talk to me telling me to calm down.

Check out Brenda’s site here: BRENDAHASHTAG.COM